BOOK: English through Europe

BOOK: English through Europe

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English is a beautiful language and Europe is an exquisite continent. Learning by travelling provides the chance to have fun, enjoy learning, find out so many things about geography, history, or culture of Europe and, in the same time, become more and more self-confident about your communication in English. So, pack up and… HAVE A GREAT JOURNEY THROUGH EUROPE!

Learning has three steps in this BOOK:

1. Reading and identifying the grammar structure (while enjoying the beauties of Europe);

2. Studying the structure with the help of syntheses and visual frames;

3. Practising the structure just learnt, as well as revision of the connected structures 

If you take this journey, you will visit 14 European countries: Romania, Serbia, Greece, Italy, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland Sweden, Russia and Turkey.


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