O9: Another European World

O9: Another European World

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A BOOK for students, teachers, mentors and counsellor on the project topic:

Another European World

(Young Generation's View through a Simulated Mini-World)

Another European World is an attempt of students and teachers from seven European countries to propose a better world. Young creativity has burst in and animated the entire team of the YBRECA project (Youth Bridges To Reach Efficient European Citizenship Awareness). 

It is not a recipe. Another European World is just an exercise of imagination, the result of a mass brainstorming and a “catalogue” of suggestions, which might be useful to those who have the power to change Europe and make it a better place to live in. The Students’ Board has organized the “governing” into Seven Councils to design a European Management Model fitting their needs and expectations. The book presents the Seven Councils from the young generation's point of view.

The European Union could RISE (Reinvent – Integrate – Secure- Evolve) and gradually enlighten all the 12 stars on the EU flag. The symbols of the New Renaissance of European Union could stand not only for the country-members, but for the highest values pursued by them:

Democracy, Dignity, Equality, Freedom, Friendship, Harmony, Honesty, Justice, Solidarity, Stability, Tolerance, Unity. 


These twelve values, shaping the perfect circle, embody the ultimate all-purpose aspiration of human beings: perfection. People make and remake everything around them in a continuous attempt to reach perfection. We might never reach the ultimate point, as perfection is a dynamic concept (it changes from era to era, from culture to culture, from mind to mind), but it is definitely worth pursuing that. What higher and nobler purposes could we have than improving our world, our Europe, our life…?


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