Project Objectives

Project Objectives

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A1: - to manage and monitor the project progress according to the set indicators

A2: - to enhance cooperation among European teachers and create networking for long-term collaboration

- to increase awareness of the opportunities, rights and duties of being a European citizen

- to produce (informal/non-formal) teaching strategies by undertaking an integrative interdisciplinary approach: English, ICT, Communication, Geography, Biology, History, Art

A3: -to raise the level of awareness among at least 1500 students, teachers (about European citizenship concept) in order to:

- enhance cooperation and intercultural communication among young students

- develop pro-European attitude among students, teachers and local community by promoting openness to the world made up of many cultures/traditions

- find ways of active involvement in social positive change as European citizens

- improve ICT and English skills

- improve social entrepreneurship skills, leadership, decision-making; learn basic European legislation for young students

A4: - to disseminate the innovative teaching methods and good practices 

- to ensure the availability of tangible and intangible resources during and post project

A5: - to ensure that high quality activities/materials are produced for the whole project life-cycle

- to stay in touch with the students, teachers, stakeholders, get their feedback and continuously adapt to their needs

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